'Steven Universe' season 3 news: Will new episodes air this June?


A lot of fans of the cartoon show “Steven Universe” are craving for more new episodes, as the first five aired episodes seemed to have gone by so quickly. It is said that the animated series had gone on a hiatus and is finally set to release new episodes for the third season.

The last episode that was aired titled “Hit the Diamond,” which was part of the “In Too Deep” special event, felt like it was the third season finale but there are many more episodes planned for the season. Previous reports suggested that new episodes would premiere this June.

However, the month June is almost coming to an end and there is still no official announcement as to when the new episodes will arrive, and whether it will be during this month. There were hints that the season’s continuation is imminent because there were leaks that were circulating online. Episode 6 titled “Steven Floats” was already released in France last May, but the episode has not yet aired in the United States. There may be hope that the new episode will be released soon.

Cartoon Network has already announced a new “Summer of Steven” event but it is still unknown as to when it will premiere and what story arcs it would focus on. The event is believed to feature an episode titled “Too Short to Ride.” The creators of the show seem to be doing a great job in keeping the new plots under wraps.

The show, “Steven Universe,” has always been known for taking breaks between episodes, but fans are already excited for the premiere of the next episode.

There is no confirmed date yet for the continuation of the third season of “Steven Universe,” but it is said that the show will have an earlier air date in France.