'Steven Universe' season 3 spoilers, plot news: animated series continues to explore LGBT themes


With the third season of “Steven Universe” currently airing, the creator of the show, Rebecca Sugar, recently shared interesting insight about her vision for the animated series, as well as what else is to come in future episodes.

During the “Steven Universe” panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, Sugar shared that the show will continue exploring LGBT themes in order to better reach out to its young viewers. The upcoming episodes will delve deeper into the ideas of identity and gender, which will further educate kids today.

Sugar elaborated on how LGBT themes were at the core of the episodes to come, as shown in the teasers for the season. This is aimed to allow children to become aware of how to approach sensitive topics, which are very timely and relevant.

As a member of the LGBT community herself, Sugar shared that she related to the Crystal Gems who have no gender. However, since they possess female voices, many of the viewers think that they are girls. Instances like this are used as a way to show children the importance of being more open with their thoughts and to let go of stereotypes.

She said, “In large part it’s based on my experience as a bisexual woman. It’s very important to me that we speak to kids about consent. That we speak to kids about identity. There’s so much more I have to say about this. I want to feel like I exist, and I want everyone else who wants to feel that way to feel that way too.”

In addition, she explained her vision for the show and how it aims to make an impact on today’s culture.

In reference to Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship, she elaborated, “When I got to flesh the story out in the book, I got to describe a little more the way that the two of them came to understand each other better and what was happening, not just to them, just to one looking at the other, but also their whole point of view changing by sharing this experience with someone. Not just their point of view on the other person, but also of themselves and of the world that they’re in everything, everything changes.”

“Steven Universe” season 3 airs every weekday on the Cartoon Network.