'Steven Universe' season 3 latest episode spoilers: details for new episodes


Cartoon Network’s animated television series, “Steven Universe” is currently airing its third season and the most recent episode titled “Alone at Sea” focused on the character of Lapis Lazuli. After a short break this weekend, new episodes are expected to continue airing starting Aug. 1.

The recently aired Summer of Steven episode was already a huge talk online even before airing, and just like the previous episodes, it has been a practice for the show to somehow leak some bit of information to its viewers, most probably to generate more interest.

“Alone at Sea” had Steven and Lapis Lazuli heading out for a sea adventure. Lapis had her moment in the episode, as she was forced to recall the bad memory of getting trapped under the sea at the time when she and Jasper fused to form Malachite. Nonetheless, Steven was able to persuade Lapis to go on an adventure. And since this animated series is all about happy endings, the half-Gem, half-human character was able to convince Lapis that there is nothing to fear and that he is right there to help her with anything.

Upcoming episodes include “Gem Hunt,” airing on Aug.1; “Crack the Whip,” airing on Aug. 2; “Steven vs. Amethyst,” airing on Aug. 3; and the much-anticipated “Bismuth,” airing on Aug. 4.

“Bismuth” is said to introduce a new character in the animated series. According to Entertainment Weekly, this new character is “a purple, rainbow-haired gem, who fought alongside her fellow Crystal Gems in the battle to save Earth over 5,000 years ago. Bismuth will be voiced by Uzo Aduba, known for her portrayal of Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren in “Orange Is the New Black.”

Cartoon Network continues to air more episodes of “Steven Universe” until Aug. 12. Each new episode will air at 7 p.m. ET.