'Steven Universe' season 2 plot spoilers: Yellow Diamond a new threat to Peridot and Steven?


Cartoon Networks’ hit show “Steven Universe” is currently on its midseason hiatus, but new speculations online suggest that a new enemy, Yellow Diamond, will put Steven and Peridot in a tricky situation.

Since airing its latest episode earlier this year on Jan. 8, information about what fans can expect when “Steven Universe” comes back on air has been scarce. Fortunately, Movie News Guide has released a couple of plausible scenarios for the animated show story-wise.

One of which is the arrival of a new enemy called Yellow Diamond. In the article, Steve and the Crystal Gems will supposedly be facing Yellow Diamond. Loyal fans of the show would recognize the new adversary from an old episode titled “Message Received” where she was introduced as someone who extremely dislikes Earth and any organic life form. Her hate is so extensive that she immediately kicked Peridot out off of the Cluster when the latter tried telling her about the world. Yellow Diamond’s established association with The Green Diamond Authority may also hint at just how much she is willing to do for the sake of her rage as the two “Steven Universe” villains share the same trait.

Speaking of Peridot, her departure from Cluster left Yellow Diamond’s team almost defenseless. With a crippled and misguided team, Steven and the Crystal Gems were almost able to defeat the Cluster but not without Yellow Diamond putting up a fight. The villain will supposedly be coming to Earth to bring the fight to them which will effectively put Steven and Peridot in danger.

Elsewhere in the upcoming episode, it is also rumored that the brewing friendship among Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, and the Crystal Gems will also take some spotlight. Movie Pilot teased that the Lapis may actually become an official part of Steven’s team but not without a little persuading from Steven. In the last couple of episodes, the show has been building up Steven and Lapis’ relationship more specifically in the episode titled “Mirror Gem.”

There is no official date yet as to when “Steven Universe” will be back on air.