Steam Summer Sale 2016 start date: Leak reveals late-June


With the summer season almost here, PC players all wait with bated breath for any news about Valve’s next bout of seasonal sales, with leaks suggesting that this year’s Steam Summer Sale will begin barely a month from now.

According to Reddit user MrFreemanBBQ, the next Steam Summer Sale will begin on June 23. MrFremanBBQ revealed the alleged date on Reddit’s Steam subsection, including a link to a picture uploaded on Imgur.

The Imgur picture seemed like a screenshot, allegedly revealing Valve’s confidential next slew of updates for its video game network platform. The screenshot’s details read, “Event: Summer Sale 2016 discount Approvals” as the label of the entry.

The most interesting details of the screenshot were written in Russian, though MrFreemanBBQ’s Reddit post indicated that this year’s Steam Summer Sale will begin on June 23 and end right in the middle of the U.S. Independence Day on July 4.

VG247 alleged that MrFreemanBBQ’s posts may be believed, considering the user’s past instances of leaking previous Steam sale details and dates. This incident is also merely the latest in a long string of instances wherein details about Valve’s events were leaked.

The most recent leak was barely half a year ago with Steam’s previous seasonal sale. Reports turned up around halfway through December about Paypal accidentally including the start date of the previous Winter Sale in its promotional materials.

With so many leaks and with the instances being so close together, it might not be too far to assume that these so-called “leaks” are simply part of Valve’s promotional tactics in building hype for their next batch of digital discounts. The digital distribution company might simply be releasing this information ahead of time to monitor reaction to the dates as well as to ride on the inherent thrill that supposedly leaked information brings, which could lead to stronger anticipation for the advertised product.

At any rate, with June right around the corner, the summer season is almost here, and Valve should be making an announcement soon.