Steam Summer Sale 2016 start date July 23: what to know


The date for the beginning of Valve’s next event in the company’s seasonal price cuts for the Steam platform has now been confirmed, with the announcement coming from PayPal instead of from the platform itself.

IGN reported that PayPal sent the publication an email, claiming the exclusive and official announcement of the seasonal sale’s release date. The email reportedly read, “Brace yourself. We can exclusively reveal that the Steam summer sale will go live on 23rd June. Now you know when it’s going to happen, you can get ready for the savings.”

The United Kingdom branch of PayPal also announced the date on its official Twitter account, fully revealing the news to the public. Unlike previous instances of the money transfer platform revealing the dates for Steam’s seasonal sales, this latest one seemed to have officially been given the go ahead by Valve.

Previous instances of leaks from the platform regarding Steam’s seasonal sales, like the previous Winter Sale 2015, happened “accidentally” with PayPal unexpectedly including the dates in its promotional email.

The June 23 date confirms previous reports of the date, which were leaked on the Steam subsection of the Reddit community website and with Reddit user MrFreemanBBQ sharing a screenshot of what was said to be Valve’s timetable for Steam events.

The screenshot claimed that the next Steam Summer Sale 2016 discount event would begin on June 23 and run all the way until July 4. Considering the fact that the start date claimed by the leak turned out to be genuine, the possibility of the Steam Summer Sale 2016 ending in the middle of Independence Day could also be true.

Other rumors and speculations also exist about this upcoming Steam Summer Sale, aside from its scheduled timeframe, with Neurogadget suggesting that this upcoming sale might include the shorter Daily Deals and Flash Sales events during its run.

The possibility of the Summer Sale featuring other price cut events is due to the fact that despite Valve previously announcing that the Daily Deals and Flash Sales events would no longer be included the longer running seasonal events, the announcement only applied to the Winter and Autumn Sales and specifically left out the Summer Sale.

With the beginning of the Steam Summer Sale 2016 mere days away however, consumers will not have to wait long to find out all of the details.