Steam sets new record for most concurrent players with 18.5 million

"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" promotional photo. (Facebook/ playbattlegrounds)

PC gaming platform Steam has set yet another all-time record for the most number of concurrent players, as 18.5 million players were online on the platform over the weekend.

The new record, which was set on Sunday, breaks the previous record of over 14 million concurrent users set in 2017. Before that, the 2016 record was set at over 12 million online players.

A considerable chunk of million gamers online on Sunday was playing the massively popular “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG), which is the most popular title in the platform with a peak concurrent users of over 2.9 million. This means around 16 percent of all of the Steam users at peak was playing the game.

“PUBG” skyrocketed to the top of Steam charts last year, recording exponential rise in popularity since it was released in early access in March.

After a very successful several months of being exclusively available for the PC, “PUBG” has expanded its reach into gaming consoles during the late part of 2017, releasing an Xbox version, which has sold over 1 million copies during the first 48 hours after its release.

Valve’s own “Dota 2,” which was previously the most popular game in the platform, follows “PUBG” at a distant second with over 775,000 online players. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (over 630,000), Grand Theft Auto V (over 157,000), and Rainbow Six Siege (over 100,000) are the next three most popular games.

Steam has continually increased in popularity in the past years. In August, Valve revealed that the platform has 33 million daily active players and 67 million monthly active players.

The gaming platform has also added 27 million paying members, people who created an account and then bought something, since January 2016. This means that Steam has been adding 1.5 million paying customers per month in the last one and a half years. Overall, Steam has 125 million registered users.