Steam Controller release date set for November 10; device already available for pre-order


Fans of Steam will be excited to know that the online games distributor is releasing its very own controller to make gaming more fun and easier. Called the Steam Controller, it is now available for pre-order but will be available in stores starting November 10.

Based on the product’s website, the all-new game controller will have dual trackpads. These pads will help gamers play video games such as racing games that require precise motion or high-fidelity input. The dual trackpads can act as trackballs, a steering wheel, adaptive centering joystick, or any programmable virtual control.

Jordan Minor of PC Mag indicated in its review of the controller that even though the trackpad implementation may differ from one game to another, gamers will find it easy to adapt. This is true especially when it comes to actions that are usually done through a stick or a mouse.

“As a fan of fresh ideas in video games, the stagnant state of video game controllers has bothered me for a long time. So I was pleased by how successfully the Steam Controller pushes the console controller forward with ideas from the PC,” the review added.

The Steam Controller will also come with Dual-stage Triggers that can be digital, analog, or both types at the same time. “Put your iron-sights on the sweep-in, and then fire with the reliable feel of a tactile switch, all on the same trigger,” the website stated.

Both sides of the controller have haptic force actuators that deliver vibrations in microseconds. According to Steam, every input done using the controller will give precise and high-bandwidth feedback to the player’s fingertips.

When bought, the Steam Controller will come with 2 AA batteries and a USB wireless pairing dongle. The dongle will allow gamers to use the controller up to five meters away from the computer. Wired control is also possible as the Steam Controller comes with USB 2.0 port, but the cable has to be purchased separately. Meanwhile, the batteries can provide up to 80 hours of standard gaming use.

Pre-order can be done on Steam’s website for $49.99, and customers will get a free copy of “Rocket League” and “Portal 2.” On the other hand, the Steam Controller and Steam Link bundle will cost $99.98.