Stassi Schroeder news: Vanderpump Rules star confirms she and Patrick are still together


Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder has cleared up that she and Patrick Meagher are still together, but a recent blog post casts doubt on that confirmation.

According to Enstarz, the rumors that Schroeder and Meagher have split up persisted for weeks. To set the record straight, Schroeder made an update in her podcast, titled ‘Straight Up With Stassi’. 

Although they live separately, Schroeder, who recently made her last appearance in the Bravo reality show ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ confirmed in her podcast that she and Meagher are still together.

“People keep texting me that [Patrick and I broke up], and I’m like nope we’re still together,” Enstarz quoted the reality TV star as saying.

Schroeder then explained that she moved out of the house that she and Meagher have been living in because they are “trying something new.”

In an article published at Reality Tea, Schroeder clarified that she and Meagher have become “besties,” but also specified that they can have some time alone for themselves if they want to.

In a further effort to dispel the rumors, the Christian Post said, Schroeder even published a rare picture of her together with Meagher in a post on Twitter.

According to the Inquisitr, Schroeder captioned the photo of the back of their heads with: “Couples who bun together, stay together.”

This week, however, Enstarz said that Schroeder published a post in her blog, STYLE by STASSI, expressing her desire to move to New York and be “bi-coastal.”

“Why can’t I just be legit enough to be bicoastal. Ugh, the struggle,” she said in her post.

“I’m seriously missing NYC right now,” the Vanderpump Rules star added.

Meagher and Schroeder moved to Los Angeles for the filming of the third season of the reality show. After filming wrapped up, Schroeder announced that she was leaving Vanderpump Rules for good stating that she didn’t want to be stuck in a situation she was not happy in.