'Star Wars Rebels' season 3 spoilers, news: Can Sabine persuade the Mandalorians to join the Rebel Alliance?


As “Star Wars Rebels” is nearing its third season finale, it seems that the Rebel Alliance has moved forward to its full force. Especially now that Sabine recovered the dark saber from Dathomir.

In season 3 episode 15, titled “Trials of the Darksaber,” it was revealed that the dark saber was originally owned by the first Mandalorian Jedi. Following the Jedi’s death, the House Vizsla took the saber to rule Mandalore.

However, after a duel, Maul from Dathomir grabbed the saber from Pre Vizsla, the head of the Deathwatch. It was speculated that Maul lost the saber during the Clone Wars.

Also, the previous episode featured Sabine’s struggles because of her past. With Kanan’s profound persuasion, the Ghost female crew has agreed to use the dark blade to get the Mandalorians to join the Rebel Alliance.

However, before going to Mandalore, Sabine had to go through lightsaber training. Frustrated with her initial training and with Kanan starting to lose patience, Sabine walked away. Hera tried to comfort Sabine, and the latter decided to apologize to Kanan. Once again, the training commenced.

While Sabine has started to build up her skills in the saber combat, Kanan wanted the former to reveal her emotional troubles. Sabine shared about her guilt knowing that her weapons the ones she created back in Imperial Academy were used to destroy her own people. She wanted to save her people from the Empire’s cruelty, but her parents turned their back on her and chose to serve the Empire. She feared about the thought of confronting her parents.

Following Sabine’s confession, her fellow starship crew members pledged to support her in her future decisions. Eventually, Sabine defeated Kanan during a saber spar. Kanan believed that Sabine is destined to unite Mandalore in order to battle against the Empire.

Considering that the dark saber had been a very valuable treasure to the Mandalorians, it is possible that Sabine would easily convince them.

“Star Wars Rebels” season 3 will continue on Feb. 18 on Disney XD.