'Star Wars Rebels' season 3 spoilers: New episode revisits prequel\'s battle droids


“Star Wars Rebels” continues with character-focused pieces with this week’s episode showing Kanan, Ezra and Captain Rex in a mission that lands them in the hands of separatist battle droids.

Called “The Last Battle,” the trio will face a brand-new enemy an army of robots led by a Super Tactical Droid. As it turns out, given that the show has been circling around its prominent characters, Rex leads a new salvage mission when they are captured by droids who are still seemingly obsessed with the Clone Wars.

What makes this situation far more dangerous is the fact that they are going up against a group that has a very high level of logic and knowledge which means they are more of a tactical kind of adversary. Furthermore, since they do not appear to have any emotional ties as they operate under one goal that sounds totally lopsided for their benefit, it makes them a lot more hazardous.

With Rex being a former clone trooper captain, it couldn’t be more fitting to have him in the forefront of the story as he must be able to relate to the droid army. Spoilers suggest that trying to move on from what transpired in the past, more specifically during “The Clone Wars” series, will also a major plot point as teased in the upcoming episode’s trailer.

Folks belonging to Collider’s Jedi Council were able to preview the episode a bit earlier that everyone else and while they did not spoil anything, they gave some hints on what to expect. As expected, with the kind of lore the installment is trying to tap into, it will be full of nods to the “Star Wars” prequels which can presumably explain why the battle droids have so much skepticism not only toward the Empire but the Rebellion as well.

“Star Wars Rebels” season 3 airs every Saturday, 8:30 p.m. ET on Disney XD.