'Star Wars Rebels' season 3 spoilers: Creator Dave Filoni talks about darker new season


By the end of “Star Wars Rebels” season 2, a lot of fans were convinced that Ezra would definitely head to the dark side one way or another. Loyalists of the space saga chalk it up to a story arc reminiscent of Anakin Skywalker’s own downward spiral that led to him becoming Darth Vader. And with Darth Maul subtly coaching Ezra from the sidelines, it appears that Kanan will no longer be able to stop his Padawan from turning evil.

The darker turn of events is heightened by the currently unknown whereabouts of Ahsoka. “Star Wars Rebels” creator Dave Filoni teased during the Star Wars Celebration Europe last month that it will not be the last time that fans will get to see her. However, in usual Filoni fashion, the way he put it had fans do a double take on what he meant exactly in his supposed revelation.

Given the current standing of where “Rebels” is at, as well as hints of the things to come courtesy of those lucky enough to see the first few episodes of the show during Celebration, it appears that Filoni and his team are treading toward the dark side with more mature content, which can potentially be a cause for conversation. The showrunner also shared that despite being a Disney show, they are allowed to tackle such themes provided that it furthers the story.

“You can kill off characters. You can turn them [to the dark side] if it serves the story,” Filoni told SlashFilm when the media outlet caught up with him at the “Star Wars” fan event. “That’s something George [Lucas] always warned me about. You know, if you do this, do it for a reason. A reason that kids will understand. But don’t just do it to do it. Which is sometimes a hard thing not to do, to be tempted by. But, you know, we’ll see. It’s good to get you to the edge.”

Filoni was also questioned about “Rebels” being branded as a “kids show” despite its legion of followers having no boundaries when it comes to demographics. But maintaining his stance on the matter, the Lucasfilm veteran revealed that he does not really care about the tag.

“Our fundamental responsibility at least for me as a storyteller needs to be captivate the imagination of kids,” he stated. Being enamored by the original movies during the late ’70s to early ’80s, Filoni relates his own attachment to “Star Wars” which has obviously continued until now. “You know, because they’re the ones that we need to give them the ability to 30 years later still love it like we do now. If we change it too much and make it too dark, then we kind of deny them that ability because they’re too frightened by it.”

“Star Wars Rebels” season 3 is scheduled to premiere this fall.