'Star Wars Rebels' season 3 spoilers: Fans curious about new character Bendu


Ever since he was introduced during the Star Wars Celebration that took place in London last week, a lot “Star Wars Rebels” fans have been clamoring for more information about Grand Admiral Thrawn. However, he is not the only one that surprised audiences during the event. An intriguing new character has also caught the attention of the fans.

One of the other characters that fans were curious about was Bendu. He is said to be a huge new character that seems to be very well connected with the Force. Fans are wondering if the character is with the Light side or the Dark side. As mentioned in reports, the character is considered neutral and there are also no signs yet pointing to which side the character would take.

Furthermore, many are curious as to how Bendu is so well versed with the Force. There are speculations that the Force came to the character very naturally without having any mentor or having learned it from someone else. Moreover, fans have suggested that he will be the one to guide Kanan with the Force and will help him get his sight back.

Another character that will be returning next season is Darth Maul. Based on the trailer that was shown, Maul is still interested in having Ezra Bridger as his own apprentice. Also, he has the motive to unlock the Sith holocron that they found during the final episode of the second season. Fans are wondering if Darth Vader will face Darth Maul and if Maul’s life would finally end in the third season.

Viewers are also hoping for the return of Ahsoka as since her fate was left hanging during the second season finale. There are also theories surrounding the statues that were found in Thrawn’s office during the trailer. They are said to be statues of the Ysalamiri, creatures that are capable of disarming the Force within the premises of their location.

The third season of “Star Wars Rebels” is expected to return in the fall.

Watch the trailer below: