'Star Wars Rebels' season 3 episode 8 spoilers: Thrawn exudes calmness and wit as he goes after Ghost crew anew


Seven episodes into the new season and with some character building out of the way, “Star Wars Rebels” may be ready to dive into the main narrative of the season with Grand Admiral Thrawn making stealthy moves to destroy the Ghost crew.

In the next episode of the animated “Star Wars” prequel, the Chiss tactician is back in the centerfold after his run-in with Hera and Ezra in Ryloth. This time, aboard his own ship, he deals with the Rebellion in an aerial platform with the Ghost and some other ships including one that looks so much like the iconic Millennium Falcon.

Two promo clips have been released for the episode dubbed as “Iron Squadron.” The first features Thrawn taking over one of the command centers for the Empire. The video is short but is very much in line with how the character was depicted in his origin books.

Many of the Thrawn fans out there, even before he became canon, pointed out how on point the small screen version of him is in “Rebels.” From the manner he executes his plans to the way he speaks, he appears to be the embodiment of the Timothy Zahn books. Needless to say, a lot has been riding on his jump from the expanded universe given that he is first of the many characters and bits that were left behind when Disney decided to declutter the “Star Wars” lore when it bought Lucasfilm Ltd.

The second one shows Ezra, Sabine and Hera trying to aid a “freighter” as it is chased by an Imperial transport and four TIE Fighters. Moving along, the three Ghost crew members try to fathom what the Corellian ship is trying to do given that it is not jumping into light speed until suddenly communication from the said mysterious ship comes in via the voice of a young and confident man. Because of this snippet, there have been rumors that the hotshot pilot may be Han Solo, further fueled by the Iron Squadron’s similarity to the Falcon. At one point, even Hera guessed that they might be smugglers, like Han. But then again, the callback for the ship was YT-2400 while the Falcon’s is YT-1300.

Another possibility is that it can be Kes Dameron, father to Poe Dameron and husband to Rebel pilot Shara Bey who could also be part of that particular Iron Squadron mission. However, with limited knowledge when it comes to the two Rebel fighters and the unconfirmed timeline, things may not necessarily fit with this theory.

“Star Wars Rebels” is once again taking a week off with no new episode coming this Saturday but it will be back next week, Nov. 19, with “Iron Squadron” airing at 8:30 p.m. ET on Disney XD.