'Star Wars Rebels' season 3 spoilers, news: Dave Filoni's take on Grand Admiral Thrawn


The third season of “Star Wars Rebels” will soon be released. The trailer was unveiled during the Star Wars Celebration in London last weekend, and the first episode of the season also made its debut during the event. Fans were shocked but excited to see to Grand Admiral Thrawn in the trailer since he is a character that comes from the Expanded Universe of “Star Wars,” which is non-canon.

The trailer showed a very dark theme for the upcoming season, specifically with Ezra Bridger slowly being seduced to the dark side of the Force with the help of Darth Maul. However, fans still could not get over the fact that Thrawn will now be considered as a part of the canonical universe of “Star Wars.”

Dave Filoni, showrunner of the series, was able to share his thoughts about Thrawn to io9.

Filoni has mentioned that it was not a walk in the park to include Thrawn in the series since there are many questions that will be raised about the character’s origin and where he was this whole time.

He mentioned, “If we bring [Thrawn] in, we have to think reasonably about, ‘Where is he?’ There are any number of reasonable answers as simple as, ‘He’s on a Star Destroyer.’ You can reasonably say that. While there’s the hunt for Luke Skywalker, there’s all kinds of other things going on in the galaxy. That’s a reasonable thing. You usually start off by thinking, ‘Okay. At least we have a reasonable thing in the future.'”

He also stated that those questions helped in creating the character for the series. He said, “Then, as you tell your story, you’re giving them all kinds of real experiences.”

Filoni also mentioned that these experiences helped him develop the driving force in order to have a conclusion for the titular character. He added, “We’ve been the architects of that as we’ve been going. I think we have a nice path figured out for Mr. Thrawn. I wouldn’t bring him back lightly without that plan.”

The third season of “Star Wars Rebels” is set to premiere in the fall.