'Star Wars' news: Casting agents searching for the young Han Solo starts


“I know” are two simple words, but to “Star Wars” fans, these words can basically sum up the legendary Han Solo the smuggler, thief, and scoundrel who pilots the Millennium Falcon.

The character is so iconic not just because he plays a major role in the original trilogy of the famed space saga, but also because it catapulted the career of no less than Harrison Ford. This is enough reason for some 2,500 actors to go in and audition for the role of a lifetime.

Since the revelation that the “Star Wars” franchise is set to be expanded, with various prequels starting with next year’s “Rogue One” to stand alone movies including one which will deal with the beginnings of Solo, Hollywood has been in a frenzy.

Numerous debates have been popping up about whether a Han Solo movie is really needed to what should be included if a movie is to be given a green light. Another question is who will portray the young Solo?

Some articles revealed that some of the actor who auditioned include “Mr. Robot’s” Rami Malek, “Now You See Me’s” Dave Franco, “Harry Potter’s” Tom Felton, and “The Fault In Our Stars'” Ansel Elgort. However, if J.J. Abrams’ casting of mostly “unknowns” in the upcoming “Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens” is an indication of who will play the younger version of General Leia’s love interest, it is likely that the producers might go for someone people have heard of but not necessarily in the pinnacle of his career yet.

Then again, it is still a long 12-month wait before the official filming begins. People behind the enormous empire is extremely secretive about things regarding their upcoming movies. “The Force Awakens” doesn’t even have an official synopsis other than it is set 40 plus years from “Return of the Jedi.”