'Star Wars' news: Fans petition George Lucas to direct 'Episode IX'


“Bring back George Lucas to the ‘Star Wars’ movies. Put the father of the franchise as director of ‘Episode IX.’ We really want this, please,” reads one of the petitions on Change.org, which pushes the creator of the space saga to be back as director of the third and final movie of the current trilogy.

The job has already landed on “Jurassic World” director, Colin Trevorrow’s lap. Now, fans suddenly want to have Lucas back on board despite the unending backlash that his “Star Wars” prequels received.

In addition, the people behind the petition explained that they really did not have anything specific against Trevorrow. It just seems like fans are getting a little bit sentimental about the franchise, and Lucas will definitely bring nostalgia back shall Disney and Lucasfilm make this happen.

“We have no problem with Colin Trevorrow, but he’s not the right guy to direct ‘Star Wars Episode IX.’ George Lucas as director of ‘Episode IX’ would be the perfect way to end this new trilogy and make an epic farewell between the Father of Star Wars and the whole universe of the galaxy far, far away. We would like to see him again involved with the franchise. Thank you so much,” the petition ended.

As of now, 16,000 people already the campaign. Although it may seem less given that it has been posted for quite some time, it has become a topic among online users.

If the people behind the appeal are really serious about getting Lucas back on board, they may have to talk not just to the current owners of the franchise but also to the filmmaker himself. Last year, Lucas stated that he is moving on from the franchise after what he calls a “breakup.” Furthermore, his recent comments about the movie and Disney might affect the decision.