'Star Wars: Episode VIII' news, spoilers: Director will be 'cheekier' with teasers, Daisy Ridley says; Two new titles rumored


Production is now underway for “Star Wars: Episode VIII,” the next film in the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy. Apart from having a new director, Rian Johnson of “Looper” (2012) and “The Brothers Bloom” (2008), there will be one other major change for the next installment of the iconic franchise.

According to “The Force Awakens” star Daisy Ridley, who made her big screen debut as Rey in that film, “Episode VIII” will differ from “Episode VII” in terms of what will be revealed ahead of the next film’s release.

As the actress told Entertainment Tonight, while “Episode VII” director J.J. Abrams worked hard to keep that film’s secrets under wraps, things will be “a little bit freer” for “Episode VIII” and Johnson will be “a bit cheekier” when it comes to teasing the upcoming film.

“I think Rian actually wants to be a bit cheekier with the little tidbits of information that are going out, which is fun,” the actress told ET.

The first teaser for “Episode VIII” was released in February and featured shots of Ridley and Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker in what appears to be the film’s opening sequence. Apart from this first footage from “Episode VIII,” it has also been revealed that the film will feature several newcomers, including Benicio del Toro, Laura Dern, and Kelly Marie Tran.

Ridley announced the beginning of filming for “Episode VIII” with a video posted on Instagram. She captioned it, “WE ARE FILMING. We also have INCREDIBLE new cast members including Kelly Marie Tran who is raaaaad and who likes musicals too.”

With more than 21 months still to go before “Star Wars: Episode VIII” drops, fans are expecting a barrage of rumors about the film throughout the next year.

The first of these rumors involves the official title of “Episode VIII.” According to the Independent, two purported titles are being talked about in “Star Wars” fan forums. The first is “Star Wars: Tale of the Jedi Temple,” which appears to have come from a Reddit user. The other title, from a Croatian fan site, is “Star Wars: The Order of the Dark Side.”

“Star Wars: Episode VIII” drops Dec. 15, 2017.