'Star Wars: Episode 8' plot spoilers: possible exploration of the First Jedi Temple


LucasFilms Ltd. and Disney are back in action prepping for the next installment in the “Star Wars” saga with “Episode VIII.” New leaked shots from the film’s set in England hint that fans will see more of the planet Luke (Mark Hamill) was hiding in before Rey (Daisy Ridley) was able to track him down.

A set of new photos made its way to the internet including one in Pinewoods studio where the cast and crew are shooting scenes for the film. The remade set looks very similar to Skellig Michael Island which stood as planet Ach-To in “The Force Awakens.”

Interestingly, the Millennium Falcon also looks like it was situated in the same way that it was when Rey landed it in the rumored First Jedi Temple. Given this, there is a high chance that “Episode VIII” will pick up where “Episode VII” left off. If that is the case, it will be the first time that the franchise will make an immediate continuation to where its predecessor ended.

However, if director Rian Johnson stays true to the movie time jump tradition, another speculation is that it might be used for flashback sequences, which is also something not prominent in the “Star Wars” movies.

The film’s production, however, is not boxed inside the studios in Pinewoods. Filming was also done around Dubrovnik, Croatia as well as  Ireland.

Meanwhile, last month, movie star Oscar Isaac who plays Resistance pilot, Poe Dameron, shared a few nuggets while in the process of filming the movie.

“Rian is definitely going to places and investigating things that haven’t really been done in the ‘Star Wars’ universe. For me, it’s so fun getting to explore different things that I wouldn’t have expected in this universe,” he told The L.A. Times. The Latin-American actor sat down for an interview as part of the promo for his upcoming film, “X-Men: Apocalypse.”

“In some ways it feels like we’re making an independent film,” added the actor, who has starred in critically acclaimed indie movies such as “Ex Machina,” “A Most Violent Year” and “Inside Llewyn Davis” “Certain things we get to play with this kind of intimacy that we get to find it’s special. It’s been really fun,” he added.

Before going on board directing “Episode VIII”, Rian Johnson was known to have worked in slightly darker feel productions like “Looper” as well a couple of episodes of “Breaking Bad.”

“Star Wars: Episode VIII” is set to blast through cinemas on Dec. 15, 2017.