'Star Wars: Episode 8' spoilers, news: Finn recuperates with the help of bacta suit


It is not a spoiler that Finn (John Boyega) will be back in action for “Star Wars: Episode VIII.” After all, Boyega is one of the newly introduced stars that are tipped to carry the epic space opera saga to a brand-new era of heroes and anti-heroes. However, since sustaining grave injuries from his lightsaber duel with Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) in “Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens,” it is not entirely clear how long the former Stormtrooper will need to recuperate.

If new information for the yet to be titled sequel is to be believed, it appears that director Rian Johnson and company have tapped into the reliable treatment of using bacta to help Finn recover. However, given that decades have passed, what originally came in the form of a tank has been improved and is now a lighter and easy to use body wrap that comes in a suit form.

In a report by Making Star Wars, it is detailed that the new Resistance fighter will be in a bubble suit until he recovers. When removed, he comes out looking like he has never been in better shape before in his life. The media outlet provided a photo of a similarly structured suit but says that instead of being white, it will be transparent. The snap looks like a puff jacket with a zipper enclosure.

Longtime fans of the lore know already know about rejuvenating tanks like the iconic container where Luke (Mark Hamill) was submerged into after he almost died in the cold in Hoth during “Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.” And since the results of the treatment were instant, as previously seen on the then young Skywalker, the possibility of it working quickly for Finn is also likely.

The particular sequence also coincides with the established setting of “Episode VIII” when it finally premieres. Viewers already know that the flick is deviating from franchise norm by picking up almost where its predecessor has left off. Thus, it makes sense to show how Finn eventually recuperates from the injuries that left him unconscious even until Rey (Daisy Ridley) needed to leave for Planet Ahch-To.

After Finn gets back on his feet, he will waste no time in embarking on a new role as a member of the Alliance spearheaded by General Organa (Carrie Fisher). His chemistry with Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) in the previous movie has been palpable and with Rey with Luke, there are speculations that Finn and the “best pilot in the galaxy” will be partnering up for more adventures.

Principal photography for the flick has finished and post-production is already in full swing. “Star Wars: Episode VIII” is set to blast through cinemas on Dec. 15, 2017.