'Star Wars Episode 8' plot rumors: Kylo Ren to chase after Rey for Luke Skywalker's lightsaber?


The cast and crew of “Star Wars Episode 8” have worked hard in filming and editing the much-anticipated sequel to “Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens.”

Being the eighth installment to the “Star Wars” movie franchise, die-hard “Star Wars” fans have been eager to hear about any news updates or spoilers concerning the film. However, since the announcement last February that the movie is in production, official details from producers and even actors of the film have been very scarce.

In an interview done by Polygon, Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill described working on the upcoming “Star Wars” movie to be so secretive that it is like he is “working for the CIA.”

“You get your pages in the morning, and they take them from you as you walk so they can shred them before it somehow leaks,” Hamill shared with Polygon, adding, “You have security lines you have to walk through, both to and from set. And, not to mention, you have to wear these big monk hoods to protect your costume from drones.”

Despite the extreme secrecy the movie is surrounded with, fans and theorists alike have been spreading various rumors and speculations about the possible plot of the movie. A report from Movie Pilot highlights the possibility that Kylo Ren, portrayed by actor Adam Driver, was originally the one who acquired Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber before it got in the hands of Maz Kanata, portrayed by actress Lupita Nyong’o.

Some rumors have spread that the movie will include Kylo Ren seeking out Rey, played by actress Daisy Ridley, to claim the lightsaber which he believes to be rightfully his.

With so many rumors flying around about the plot details of the movie, “Star Wars Episode 8” director Rian Johnson has at least confirmed one certain fact. During the Star Wars Celebration Live panel held in London back in July, he revealed that the film will be “breaking a long-standing ‘Star Wars’ tradition” by continuing the scene exactly where “The Force Awakens” left off.

It can be recalled that the previous movie ended with Rey successfully locating the self-exiled Jedi Luke Skywalker to an island on Ahch-To.

“Star Wars Episode 8,” directed by Rian Johnson, will premiere in cinemas on Dec. 15, 2017.