'Star Wars Episode 8' plot news, release date: First trailer to be released in spring 2017, as per Kathleen Kennedy


Certainly, with “Rogue One” already released in cinemas, fans are already devouring it and are now just waiting for the new and upcoming “Star Wars” movies. After all, there is still “Episode 8” that will be released next year.

According to Inquisitr, the release date for the “Star Wars: Episode 8” movie is less than a year away. If that’s the case, fans are expecting that a new trailer for the new sci-fi adventure will be released soon.

Actually, the president of Lucasfilm and producer of the “Star Wars” franchise, Kathleen Kennedy, has given a rough estimate as to how long fans will have to wait before the first trailer for the new episode is out. After all, she has been tasked to oversee the development of the franchise over the next few years.

Through a report done by Comic Book, Kennedy, in an interview with Lizo Mzmiba of BBC, informed everyone that fans will possibly get a first look at the film sometime during spring. The reason behind it is simply because Lucasfilm and Disney want to give “Rogue One” a little breathing space before they start teasing “Star Wars: Episode 8.”

Meanwhile, Adam Driver, who will reprise his role as Kylo Ren on “Episode 8” recently admitted that he would prefer it if the blockbuster film will be released in the cinemas without anyone knowing what to expect. He said that it will be a bold choice for the producers as audiences will be more excited for the film because they will not know anything about it.

Regardless, Kathleen Kennedy’s comments are indicative that it is almost certainly not going to happen. Even Daisy Ridley, who will return for her role as Rey, said that the film director Rian Johnson has some footages prepared, but the trailer will only be shown once he deems it fit.