'Star Wars Battlefront' updates: Expansions in the pipeline


In the recent months, “Star Wars Battlefront” has greatly transformed owing to a load of updates, from new characters to new maps and new Star Cards.

While things have slowed down a bit after the release of the Outer Rim downloadable content (DLC), EA DIC still have a lot of plans for. The developer is planning two more “Battlefront” DLC expansions, particularly the Bespin, scheduled to be out in June, and the awaited Death Star DLC that will be out in time for the holidays. More free “Star Wars Battlefront” content for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PC are also lined up by the company.

The brand new “Star Wars Battlefront” May update is centered on repairs instead of game features. It should remedy many of the glitches that emerged after the release of the Outer rim DLC and its 8 GB update. It is expected to fix issues such as online friend avatars not displaying correctly, the game selecting the Hero for the player, an invisible platform, lockup of weapons, amounts for Star Cards not showing correctly, and Orbital Strike Triggering bug, among others.

DICE engineers stay on standby for reports on bugs that needed to be worked on.

It is important to note that this May update is disparate from “May the 4th be With You” deals that delivered the Bacta Bomb to “Battlefront” players and that included the free four-hour trial of the game.

More powerful than the Bacta Grenade, the Bacta bomb was introduced to help the gamer and his allies. According to EA DICE, the developers of the game wanted to strengthen team-oriented abilities. This Star Card, which costs 3500 credits, is a mist-erupting, hand-thrown canister that can heal and provide much more health. Developer tips include using the Bacta Bomb before going to combat for some health boost, and keeping in mind that this Star Card cannot protect the gamer and his allies from the stronger Thermal Impoders.

It has yet to be announced when the next rollout of “Battlefront” update will happen.