'Star Wars: Battlefront' update: 'Outer Rim' DLC brings new mode, characters, maps


After weeks of anticipation, the first paid DLC of the game “Star Wars: Battlefront” is finally available to everyone.

Referred to as “Outer Rim,” the new expansion brings four new locations to the game namely Jabba the Hutt’s Palace; the Palace Garage where scraps and Droid repair rooms can be found; the SoroSuub Refinery where the items are made so it can be shipped throughout the galaxy; and the SoroSuub Pipelines, where the debris from the factory are discarded.

Aside from this, “Outer Rim” has also brought in two new characters who have unique abilities and techniques that will help in the game. Greedo specializes in speed and attacks and can be upgraded as a character as he kills and unlocks different skills. On the other hand, Nien Nunb is more of a defensive character with skills centered on his turret.

In addition, the game also has a new mode called Extraction, which challenges players to push shipments to the extraction point and have it flown out in just 15 minutes. This also requires players to have some strategies as the result of the choices will surface later on.

The first expansion also includes other new features such as Hutt Contract where players can go face-to-face with Jabba the Hutt, and Combat Roll that will enable the characters to swiftly move out of danger. The DLC also included some tweaks and improvements such as enhancing shields, multiplayer team balancing, match summary screens, and scoreboards.

The “Outer Rim” DLC costs $15 for individual purchase, while a season pass may also be bought for $50, which will already include other expansions lined up for the title such as “Bespin” this summer, “Death Star” in fall, and a still unnamed DLC expected to come early next year.

Meanwhile, players who own the Xbox One console and is a subscriber of its Gold membership may also get a 25 percent discount on the “Star Wars: Battlefront” Ultimate Edition.