'Star Wars Battlefront' update: Speeder bike chase comparable to movie sequence


Several attempts have been made before to capture the beautifully crafted speeder bike chase scene in the movie “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” to a convincing gameplay. Using today’s technology, “Star Wars Battlefront” may have finally hit the sweet spot.

In a face-off review, Richard Leadbetter of EuroGamer stated that “Battlefront’s” exquisite rendering of the movie scene captured the authentic “Star Wars” feel of the moment through a gameplay. 

To drive his point, he uploaded a video in YouTube which compared the gameplay in “Battlefront” versus the actual movie scene in “Return of the Jedi.” 

Basing on the video review, it can be concluded that “Battlefront’s” gameplay really captured the original feel of the movie chase scene, a feat credited to the developers at DICE, the team behind the Electronic Art’s game success. 

The face-off test was done meticulously by Leadbetter and a team of friends who were also enthusiasts of the movie and the game itself. They started by ripping out the speeder chase scene from the movie. For the game sequence, they made sure to use only the best available hardware that could output the best possible graphics for the scene that they want to compare to the movie. 

The reviewers took a powerful chip, Nvidia’s Titan X, and overclocked it for even more powerful performance. Then, using a machine run by Intel’s Core i7 6700K, they set the settings to ultra-mode and began recording the game play. These videos were then stitched together using Adobe Premier Pro to bring out the best comparison for the two video files.

Despite the positive outcome of the comparison review, Leadbetter still hopes to see improvements in single player mode and the overall gameplay of the game. He claims that it is still predictable just like other game releases that were based from the “Star Wars” films.