'Star Wars Battlefront' gameplay: Play in one of the iconic locations of 'Star Wars'


“Star Wars Battlefront” has been popular among the gaming community, and fans of the game have waited long enough to get their hands on the new downloadable content (DLC). Surely, there are a lot of new features that will be included in the DLC pack called “Bespin.”

One of the new features that is included in the Bespin DLC is one of the classic locations in the “Star Wars” franchise, which is Cloud City. The new expansion of the game also features a new character the iconic Lando Calrissian.

A new stage was also made available in the DLC. Fans of the iconic battle between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in Cloud City will be able to relive it in the expansion as the carbon-freezing chamber will be available for players to battle in.

Meanwhile, the new location that was also featured, Bespin, is said to be a very beautiful and calming place. The place is decorated with lush green landscapes and beautiful buildings with very great architecture. One of the locations featured in a previous DLC, Jakku, was a desolate and barren planet; in comparison, the new DLC features a planet that has more life and a more lively landscape.

The new expansion pack also includes another new character, which is Dengar. He may not be as iconic as the other characters, and he only appeared in the “Star Wars” films for a brief moment. Nevertheless, fans are excited as well since he is also a playable character. Recently, there was a video that showed Dengar riding a Twin-Pod Bespin Cloud Car, which made a lot of fans exhilarated because there is a new transport as well.

It is said that future updates for “Star Wars Battlefront” will include more offline content for players to enjoy.

The “Star Wars Battlefront” Bespin DLC was released last June 21.