'Star Wars Battlefront' DLC release date news: 'Death Star' to arrive with new game mode; to be out anytime this month


It may well seem that EA DICE is now making the finishing touches on its upcoming downloadable content (DLC) for the “Star Wars Battlefront” game dubbed “Death Star.” Aside from the classic characters to be added to its playable roster, it is said that the game will be arriving with brand-new game modes for true-blue “Star Wars” fans to enjoy.

As per the new posting at the game’s website, the upcoming game segment will be adding new game modes within the game, one of which is called “Battle Station.” Announced at this year’s Gamescom in Germany, the latest addition to the game is said to take players to space as they will be assuming the role of either an X-Wing or an A-Wing fighter as they ward off the Empire’s TIE fighters and interceptors while they delve into the game mode’s first of three levels.

After a successful dogfight with Darth Vader’s fighter pilots, players will be taken to the game mode’s second phase as they will be assigned to rescue a droid and escape from the Death Star at the same time.

Lastly, players will then be gearing up for an impossible mission in crushing the Empire including its planet-killer of a weapon. This time around, gamers will be assuming the role of Luke Skywalker as he will be boarding his famed Red-5 X-Wing that will be equaled by his father’s TIE Advanced X1, also known as “Brights” among rebel forces.

Moreover, aside from the new game mode, the upcoming game expansion will be featuring a new trait card known as the Escape Artist which will enable gamers to move from point to point at enhanced speeds and at the same time drastically improve the damage inflicted by the player’s close-quarters combat attacks.

The “Death Star” expansion pack will be out anytime this month.