'Star Wars Battlefront' DLC news: Details about first expansion pack 'Outer Rim' released


Publisher Electronic Arts and developer DICE have finally shared some details about the paid content that their latest game “Star Wars Battlefront” will be receiving in the coming months. While details of each DLC are not yet complete, some details about the first DLC, “Outer Rim,” are already available and have been rounded up in a Gotta Be Mobile report.

The first expansion pack for the game will be arriving for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. According to the report, EA has announced that the DLC will be released sometime in March but no specific date has been indicated. Rumors, however, claim that this will be happening in the middle of March.

Among the confirmed details about the DLC is about the settings that the paid expansion will bring. EA has confirmed that one of the two locations will be the factories of Sullust. Sullus is a planet that is located in the Outer Rim, thus the DLC title. The factories that are mentioned in the report may be referring to those found in the Sorosuub Complex levels on the planet. Within this new location, the report also said that a new game mode will be introduced here which might be called Invasion. This piece of news, however, is unconfirmed.

The second location is said to be Jabba’s Palace, which is found in the planet of Tatooine. While previous Battlefront games have taken place in Jabba the Hut’s residence, the update will most likely involve “close quarter combat” located in a “big indoor complex.” A forum post further claims that a new mode called Scramble will be introduced in this location.

EA’s official announcement about “Outer Rim” said that the DLC will bring “more maps, weapons, and heroes and an all-new mode.” It also said that an increase to the level cap will also be brought to the game, which will bring smiles to seasoned players of the game.

Players can get a hold of the Outer Rim DLC by availing of the game’s Season Pass which will set back a player by $50. This entitles the player to all four paid expansion packs, and more importantly, early access to new content which means they receive content two weeks ahead of the release date.

Each DLC pack will also be sold separately, but EA has yet to announce how much standalone purchases will be.