'Star Wars: Battlefront' news: Cheats, Hero Tokens unlocked at different maps


The new video game “Star Wars: Battlefront” has just been released for a week, but for those who want to get ahead of the game, some cheats have already been revealed.

The concept of the game allows players to choose between the Dark Side or the Light Side of the Force through the characters chosen in the game. Players need to collect Hero Tokens hidden across various places in the game’s 12 maps in order to acquire these characters. Although the game is new, IGN has already listed down some of the areas it has uncovered.

In Supremacy mode, players can get a token at the Forest Moon of Endor, which can be accessed through the outer grounds until the middle of the map at the creek bed. Another token can be collected at Jundland Wastes, where players need to go to Jawa Sandcrawler and look for a canyon. The token can be found at the west side of the said canyon. For players who are in for action, they could go to Outpost Beta and fight the rebel troops. After bringing them down, go right to the piloting depot, where a token is placed at the small hallway at the back of the depot. After which, players can proceed to Sorosuub Centroplex and head left for another token.

In Walker Assault mode, hero tokens can also be collected from the same places as Supremacy mode. In the Forest Moon of Endor, an Imperial or Rebel character can get at the same area at the creek bed in the middle of the map. For the Sorosuub Centroplex, rebel characters get the better advantage. Players need to gear toward the right side of the map to the large cylinder and look rightward for the token. As for the Jundland Wastes map, players also need to access the Jawa Sandcrawler and go left through the narrow passage way.

For the Fighter Squadron mode, Imperial characters get the better advantage in the Outpost Beta map. Players need to go straight then look for a circular ship at the mid-bottom part. In this area, players need to reach the token at a certain angle and avoid crashing on the mountain. In Jundland Wastes, an Imperial character is also in the better position to acquire the token by going at the right mid-side in the tiny canyon. As for the Sorosuub Centroplex, players can get a token through the mist located at the left side of the platform blaster. Aside from these, players can also get a token at Jawa Refuge located at the middle of the map in a small town area next to the mountain ledge.

Meanwhile, Gamingbolt pointed out that one bug found in the game is giving players unlimited health that sometimes turn the enemies “immortal.” EA and DICE are yet to address the said bug.