'Star Trek: Discovery' latest news: Michelle Yeoh takes on role as Starfleet captain


After months of secrecy and silence, the slow pace of production development of the upcoming sci-fi television series “Star Trek: Discovery” may finally be gaining some traction with the recent news about Chinese-Malaysian Hollywood actress Michelle Yeoh joining the show.

“Star Trek: Discovery” consulting producer Nicholas Meyer revealed the casting of the top Asian actress to Coming Soon. Yeoh somewhat confirmed the news herself during a red-carpet appearance at the Singapore International Film Festival on Nov. 23.

“Well, I think CBS will make their own announcement. … But we all grew up with the “Star Trek” generation, so of course I’m a big fan,” Yeoh told Reuters.

Initial reports led many to believe that Yeoh has been cast to play the series’ lead role, a female lieutenant commander assigned to the starship “Discovery.” However, according to Deadline, Yeoh will, in fact, be the leader of another starship. She will take on the role Han Bo, a Starfleet captain with command of her own starship, the “Shenzhou.” Yeoh’s character and her ship play a significant part in the first season of the sci-fi TV show.

Yeoh, widely recognized for her role as a martial arts master in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and a Bond girl in “Tomorrow Never Dies,” is one of Asia’s biggest stars. Her recurring role in “Star Trek: Discovery” opens the show to a much wider audience globally.

Although die-hard Star Trek fans may be ecstatic to hear about Yeoh’s inclusion in the upcoming “Star Trek” TV series, the producers of the show have yet to settle on a lead actress. As reported by Variety, they have been looking for a fresh face and for a young African-American or Latina actress to take on the lieutenant commander role.

“Star Trek: Discovery” will have a special premiere on May 2017 on the CBS Television Network. All episodes will then be exclusively streamed in the United States on CBS All Access. They will also be made available on Netflix in the United Kingdom.