'Splatoon' update: Latest add-on brings improved 'Rapid Blaster Pro Deco;' new live update may arrive January 2016


Nintendo is treating players with numerous updates for its hit shooting franchise “Splatoon” just in time for the holiday season.

According to Nintendo World Report, the latest one released during the usual time of upgrade brings another weapon the players can use for open fire. Dubbed as the “Rapid Blaster Pro Deco,” it adds balanced performance to one of the game’s longest range weapons as the quick fire rate and extent have been partnered with slightly lower power.

Moreover, compared to its predecessor, the Deco utilizes Disruptors for its secondary and a Killer Wail as the special. The gameplay has also been featured in some footages released.

When it was first launched in Wii U last spring, there were only few stages available. However, over the months, Nintendo has rolled out additional levels, new game modes, tons of weapons, and more clothing items for “Splatoon.” All of them are available through free downloads.

There are also “Splatfest” recurring events that allow more fights featuring interesting items pitting against each other such as Cats against Dogs, Pizzas against Burgers, and Autobots versus Decepticons.

However, US Gamer reported that the weekly free add-ons may come to an end soon as Nintendo is planning to have a big live update.

Splatoon’s co-director Yusuke Amano and producer Hisashi Nogami talked about the upcoming DLC. Amano explained that he prefers players mastering all of the Splatoon elements rather than giving them endless stream of contents, “I really think of it as content that extends the ways in which you can play Splatoon. [F]or example, getting used to a certain weapon at that moment, they would get new weapons and maps, and have to go back to that idea of ‘OK, how am I going to figure out how to use this weapon? How am I going to develop strategy for this map?'”

The update is slated to arrive sometime in January next year.