'Splatoon' update: Custom Hydra Splatling may be last weapon for the game


The unique and fresh third person shooter game “Splatoon” from Nintendo released May last year launched an update last Friday by posting on its Twitter page, “The Custom Hydra Splatling will be available in #Splatoon tomorrow!”

Although fans are generally happy with the newest addition, they are also saddened that this will be the final weapon update coming for the game. Nintendo also used the same medium in announcing the detail just a minute after, “We should probably mention that the Custom Hydra Splatling will be the last weapon added to #Splatoon.”

The Custom Hydra Splatling will be a weapon that can shoot ink rapidly. Players will also have several barrels at their backs as a supply of ink for the said weapon. Given that the main intent of the game is to cover the “battle area” with more of their team’s color than the opponent’s, the new weapon is a good addition as it can fire more ink than the conventional and initial weapons introduced before.

In total, the game has 74 weapons that can be used, including the newest addition in the count, with varying functions such as giant paint rollers or weapons which can be unlocked using an amiibo figure.

Splatoon” is a different third person shooter game as players take the character Inklings that can either take the form of a squid or humanoid, depending on the strategy and intent. The game was generally received positively by reviews of different groups, as Nintendo surprised the public with an unconventional variation of the popular genre.

The game is a Wii U exclusive and is available in shelves for $59.99. Majority of the new weapons, including the Custom Hydra Splatling, are free, but the game also has other weapons which can be purchased using an amiibo.