'Spider-Man' reboot: Peter Parker's age is 15 in new reboot film, director Jon Watts confirms


One of the most iconic characters from Marvel Comics, the web slinging Spider-Man, will once again have yet another big screen reimagination, this time with new actor Tom Holland donning the character of Peter Parker and suiting up as the web crawler Spider-Manand as the latest reports have revealed, his Spidey will be younger than anyone has ever seen for the big screen.

The director of the upcoming reboot film, Jon Watts, recently had an interview with Empire Magazine Empire Magazine in which he revealed new information about how the new Spider-Man movie will turn out.

“I love the idea of making a coming-of-age high school movie,” Watts said. “We’re really going to see Peter Parker in high school and get deeper into that side of it. He’s just 15 now. Tom was pretty perfect. He’s very athletic. He can actually do a backflip! If he didn’t already capture the spirit of the character, with that on top the kid is Spider-Man.”

This would make Tom Holland’s version of the Wall Crawler the youngest ever, as Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man was 18 years old by the time the film’s main story began, while Andrew Garfield’s Spidey was 19 years old by the time of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Additionally, Watts revealed that the new movie will no longer see Uncle Ben die, as it will no longer be the typical origins movie.

Andrew Garfield, who was the most recent one to take on the role, talked about him finally putting the suit to rest, and with Holland now taking the torch from him. As he was interviewed by Entertainment Online, The Amazing Spider-Man actor shared his expectations for the new Spider-Man.

“It feels lovely, especially because Tom Holland is a really, really great actor,” he shared. “He was in this movie The Impossible and he was just this incredibly powerful, sensitive, just wonderful young actor. And [he’s] a dancer, so his body’s the right [form].”

Garfield also shared how excited he is to see the new Spider-Man, and the feeling of becoming just a fan once more, without the pressure of having the character’s weight on his shoulders.

“I’m just really excited to just be a fan again as opposed to bearing the weight of it,” he said.

The new Spider-Man will debut in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, before having a stand-alone movie that will hit theaters on July 28, 2017.