'Spider-Man' reboot: photo leak allegedly shows set


A set of alleged Spider-Man reboot images have leaked online from a Twitter account claiming to be the brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, as reported by BirthMoviesDeath.

While the Russo Brothers are well-known and established directors of a number of films inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Cop Car director John Watts is already set for the directorial position. However, the alleged Russo Brothers Twitter account (@Russo_Brothers) has posted various images hinting on the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.

The set of several Tweets included what seems to be a close up look at a superhero suit-assumed by many as the new Spider-Man suitin red and black. The account also posted several images that have no caption and are vague in meaning.

The original report pointed out that while the account is suspicious in every way, its followers seem to hint at its legitimacy. First off is the profile of Jason Stamey, a casting personnel on several Marvel Cinematic Universe films, and Ryan Stankevitch, VP for Global Marketing for Disney.

Coming Soon posted an update regarding the story, where Guardians of The Galaxy writer and director James Gunn debunked the speculation surrounding the account, saying that the Russo Brothers “don’t have Twitter nor will they ever”. The Tweet was dated July 24, but cannot be found on Gunn’s Twitter feed anymore as of the moment.

Previously, Marvel revealed Tom Holland (The Impossible) as the newest actor to take on the character of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Marisa Tomei, meanwhile, is rumored to be in the talks for the role of Aunt May. Both characters are expected to make a cameo in the upcoming film Captain America: Civil War, before having their stand-alone debut.

The upcoming Spider-Man reboot has a tentative release date of July 28, 2017.