Spider-man movie reboot: Asa Butterfield no longer in the running to play Peter Parker?


Sony and Marvel Cinematic Universe are rumored to be having a disagreement over who will finally land the sought after titular role of the movie reboot, “Spider-man.”

Jeff Sneider of The Wrap recently shared during his Meet the Movie Press podcast that the casting is down to three contenders: Tom Holland, Charlie Plummer and Matthew Lintz. Sneider claimed that Asa Butterfield, who was speculated as the frontrunner last month, was no longer part of the top choices. He also said that Plummer is Marvel’s alleged choice while Sony is leaning towards picking Holland.

However, entertainment site Birth Movie Death floated a different take on the casting, citing a source who was reportedly close to Marvel. The site said that the shortlisted actors were actually Tom Holland and Charlie Rowe. The report also said that there was no apparent disagreement between the two studios and the delay in the final decision might be due to the process of having a careful deliberation.

The reprisal of Spider-man and his alter ego Peter Parker, is speculated to be introduced in 2016’s release of “Captain America: Civil War.”

Deadline reported that Marvel and Sony need to have an actor to play the role soon, as Civil War has already begun filming in Atlanta, Georgia. The report mentioned that Spider-man may have a pivotal role in the movie and having the right choice is important as the actor will work under both studios for possible stand-alone movies in the future.

According to IGN, another thing being considered by the studios before making the final choice is the age of the actor who will be playing Peter Parker. If the studios cast 14 to 15-year old actor, they might not be able to work the same amount of hours as actors who are no longer minors.

Meanwhile, it was suggested that since Marvel was responsible for creative control and Sony was in charge of funding the movies, the latter might have the final decision. However, both studios have not released any official statement yet and fans might have their answer in the coming weeks.