'Spider-Man 2099 #1': 'All new, all different' Spider-Man 2099 this Fallnew job, new suit, new assistants


Spider-Man fans, get ready, as an “all new, all different” Spider-Man is set to debut in the comics next month. The futuristic Spider-Man 2099 returns this fall, eight months after the universe shattering events of Secret Wars, that ended the Marvel Universe as people have known it.

As detailed by Marvel, Peter David and Will Sliney collaborate to bring back Miguel O’Hara from the future in a new reimagination of his version of Spidey, after the events of Secret Wars.

Originally, Miguel O’Hara/Spider-Man 2099 travels to present day Earth form the future in order to prevent the dystopian world where he came form from ever happening.

In the new series, Miguel has a new job, a new and upgraded suit, a new assistant, and a new hero coming to assist him.

While he previously worked for Alchemax, the modern-day equivalent of the evil corporation he fought against in the time period he comes from, Miguel now works for none other than Parke Industries! Yes, the Spider-Man 2099 will be working for the Amazing Spider-Man! Miguel will serve under Peter Parker as the head of the New York office and will oversee R&D for the company.

While doing his day job, Miguel is on a secret mission to restore the year 2099, with Peter Parker the only one in knowledge of his secret mission. However, something will happen that will force Miguel to take on actions that Peter might not agree on.

The new Spider-man 2099 will also be sporting a new suit, which, in the story, Peter Parker designed especially for Muriel. Kris Anka drew the new suit, that comes not only with a new look, but also enhancements that Miguel can use in fighting.

Now, Miguel has an assistant for Parker IndustriesRaul Castillo. His assistant has an assistantJasmine Zaman. Now, Zaman has an assistant, too! She is Roberta Mendez”bright, young and eager to help”and is actually Captain America 2099!

Spider-Man 2099 #1 debuts on October 14.