'Spectre' news: mixed reviews don't stop James Bond from shattering U.K. box office records


“Spectre,” Daniel Craig’s latest stint as James Bond, was a big hit as it opened in theaters Oct. 26, bringing in the highest United Kingdom box office take for a Monday opening.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the film raked in 6.4 million in just 647 locations, a week ahead of its debut in North America, and has overtaken “Skyfall,” the previous Bond movie also directed by Sam Mendes, which took in 6.2 million on opening day.  

Moreover, it is reportedly a new ticket sales record for U.K. distributor Vue Entertainment at 81,500 tickets sold just for Monday’s screening, with 9,942 screenings still expected over the next two weeks and a half. It pulled in some 41.7 million (US$63.8 million) in the U.K. alone during its first week, a spectacular $80.4 million in just six territories in which it opened, a welcome infusion to Sony Pictures and MGM Studios.

In 2012, “Spectre” predecessor “Skyfall” became the highest-grossing Bond film, making $1.1 billion worldwide. 

“We are delighted that audiences in the U.K. and Ireland continue to embrace these stories about one of our biggest and best cultural icons,” Peter Taylor, managing director of Sony Pictures UK, told IGN. “This opening proves once again, that the film world of James Bond speaks to cinema-goers like no other.” 

In “Spectre,” James Bond tracks down a secret organization called Spectre in what critics consider as the generic plot for every Bond movie. Then again, where generally other sequels get less popular with every addition, the office box figures only showed that the James Bond films only continue to outdo one another as the series progresses, even considering that it is on its 24th film. 

Monica Belluci and Lea Seydoux play the quintessential Bond girls, while Christoph Waltz takes the role of the villain in this newest film in the James Bond movie franchise.

On a shocking note, the film’s popularity has hiked up the prices the U.K. cinemas are now charging to see it.