'South Park' season 20 spoilers, news: Show creators reveal whether they will tackle 'Pokmon GO'


“South Park” is returning for its landmark 20th season next month, and ahead of the new season, show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker talked about the next installment, and whether the show will tackle the current phenomenon that is “Pokmon GO.”

Asked whether the animated series will devote an episode to the augmented reality game, Stone and Parker said that they wouldn’t since they have done it already.

Speaking at the “South Park” panel at San Diego Comic-Con (via The Hollywood Reporter), Parker said, “We did it in 1999! We did an episode called ‘Chinpokomon.'”

Parker explained the plot of the episode, saying that the “South Park” kids, having fallen under the spell of the Chinpokomon fad, bought popular merchandise connected to it, not knowing that the items had chips which sent the kids’ locations to Japan. Apparently, the entire scheme was orchestrated by the Japanese government to overtake the U.S. government and bomb Pearl Harbor once again. Parker joked that the makers of “Pokmon GO” ripped off their idea.

As for what the new season will be all about, Stone and Parker have no idea, since the duo usually don’t start writing episodes until six days before they air.

The creators were also asked whether they will have the American doppelgnger version of Donald Trump in the upcoming season since they killed off Canadian Trump in season 19.

“You mean Mr. Garrison?” Stone joked. The two said that they didn’t know that the Trump campaign would gain momentum and at the time, they were hoping to get a few laughs out of it before it was over.

As for “South Park” characters, the pair revealed that PC Principal will be appearing in season 20, and that they “might kill Kenny” sometime this season. The creators said that they stopped killing Kenny for a while because “it got to be like homework,” but they could do it again.

“South Park” season 20 premieres on Sept. 14 on Comedy Central.