Sony Xperia Z6 news: 5 variants in different sizes expected for Z6


With so many options available for users in the market, it is difficult not only for the consumers to take their pick, but also for the industry players to introduce their new flagships. In an arena that usually introduces one or two variants, Sony takes a nonconventional approach by ntroducing its rumored flagship for next year in five choices.

Sony is rumored to release Xperia Z6 in five different sizes and variants next year the Xperia Z6 Mini, Xperia Z6 Compact, Xperia Z6, Xperia Z6 Plus, and the Xperia Z6 Ultra. If proven to be true, this will cover all the varied preferences of different people in terms of phone size.

The Xperia Z6 Mini is expected to cater to those who still prefer a small handset as it is anticipated to come with a 4-inch display screen. On the other hand, the Xperia Z6 Compact will have a 4.6-inch screen, while the Xperia Z6 will feature the standard 5.2-inch display. On the other hand, users who prefer bigger screens may opt for the Xperia Z6 Plus, expected to be at 5.8 inches, or the Xperia Z6 Ultra, which will be like a small tablet witj a huge 6.4-inch screen.

The new flagships are also expected to be competitive in terms of its processor. The Xperia Z6 Mini is rumored to carry a Snapdragon 620 for its CPU, while the rest are already expected to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.

Aside from this, the handsets may continue boasting high quality camera features with Sony’s technology, although it is still uncertain how many megapixels will the front and rear shooter be.

Additionally, the devices may also use premium metal and glass materials for its body, similar to the trend that most industry players are using. Similarly, it may also bring or even enhance its dust-resistant and water-resistant features.

The handsets are expected to be announced in the Consumer Technology Association (CES) 2016 from Jan. 6 to 9 in Las Vegas.