'Sons of Anarchy' prequel: Brad Pitt rumored to be joining the cast as Jax Teller's father


Rumors have it that FX’s hit crime drama series “Sons of Anarchy” will see the return of its lead actor Charlie Hunnam alongside one of Hollywood’s A-listers for its touted upcoming spinoff that will serve as a prequel to the parent show.

Speculations suggest that the next installment will focus on the story of a new character in the form of Jax Teller’s father named John Teller, to be allegedly portrayed by Brad Pitt, and the latter’s relationship with Piney. However, this remains to be seen if it will come to fruition.

Producer and screen writer Kurt Sutter previously revealed that he planned to have around 10 to 12 episodes that will delve into the connection between John and Piney and when their story begins which is said to start when they spent some time in Vietnam.

“See how that relationship got created, and bring them back to the States and the obvious external dynamics that were going on with the country and the perception of the war and what an odd kind of perception these vets got when they returned home,” he said to Deadline.

Entertainment Weekly reported that because the narrative may be set during the Vietnam War, the prequel may become a little historic as it will also give light to Jax’s character before he became a member of the Mayan Club.

Meanwhile, there may be a separate spinoff tackling the Mayan Club storyline which Sutter shared to be one of the network’s attempts to tap into Spanish-speaking viewers. “The Mayan thing happened as I was talking to Eric Schrier, one of the FX executives… It’s the same [biker] subculture, but it’d be interesting to see the influences of that culture and how it impacts the subculture we already understand,” he said.

He added that he does not want to cannibalize on what “Sons of Anarchy” has already established that is why the plots will be different. “I would do a contemporary piece, not a prequel, and place it far enough away from Northern California that it wouldn’t step on the mythology that’s already been told.”