'Sniper Elite 4' release date update: launch delayed to February 2017


“Sniper Elite 4” has encountered a minor hiccup in its timetable as Rebellion Developments pushes back the release date of the stealth video game to early next year.

“When we revealed Sniper Elite 4 back in March our plan was to release it at the end of 2016,” said Rebellion co-founders Jason and Chris Kingsley in a joint statement released to the media. “However, we now know Battlezone will release in October as a launch title alongside PlayStation VR.”

It appears that the move is entirely a business ploy in order to prevent two of their most anticipated releases from cannibalizing each other’s profit. “Battlezone” will be a reboot of Atari’s 1980s video game and was made official in last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The game developer has further explained in the official statement that instead of following their supposed target roll out date of later this year, they decided to delay to February of next year instead.

“Launching Sniper Elite 4 in February gives us the opportunity to take a game that’s already received some of the best preview feedback we’ve ever had, and give it that extra bit of attention,” the Kingsley brothers continued. We know a lot of you will be disappointed you won’t get to play Sniper Elite 4 this year, but we feel this decision will prove in the long run to be a win-win for both us and you, the fans”.

Despite the setback, the anticipation from fans continue to be on a high level especially with the promise of improved artificial intelligence for single player modes as well a grander scope for the multiplayer feature. It also helps that the teaser trailer released for the game has gained mainly positive feedback keeping gamers still hopeful for “Sniper Elite 4’s” release.

The iteration will follow “Sniper Elite 3” which was released back in 2014. Loyal players of the franchise are hoping for a major upgrade for the upcoming iteration since its predecessor received mixed reviews from critics upon release. The most notable loopholes pointed out include the outdated missions, weak characters and boring narrative.

“Sniper Elite 4” is scheduled to make its public debut on Feb. 14, 2017.