'Snatch' cast news, spoilers: Dougray Scott talks about preparing for his role


A “Taken 3” actor has landed a new acting gig in a TV series on Crackle.

Dougray Scott is starring in the new series, “Snatch,” a remake of Guy Ritchie’s crime comedy film of the same name from 2000.

In his recent interview with Variety, the 51-year-old actor described the series as a heist movie that turns into a “prison breakout” movie, and then into a “getting our gold back” movie.

Scott plays Vic Hill, a gangster who was imprisoned for 15 years after he got caught from the precious metal heist.

“The gold robbery 15 years ago was designed to be the one big last robbery to take care of everything for the rest of his life,” said Scott about Vic’s failure to recover the stolen truck during his time.

Luckily, Vic’s son, Albie (Luke Pasqualino), who is now a hustler from the east end of London, discovers the stolen truckload of gold bullion.

With the help of Albie’s gang, which includes Charlie (Rupert Grint), Billy (Lucien Laviscount), and Lotti (Phoebe Dyvenor), Vic is on a quest to redeem himself as a crime lord and to provide for his family.

“He wants to rectify the damage that he caused and be a successful bank robber at the end of the day, a successful bank robber who gets away with it. In some ways he’s defined by that gold bullion heist that went wrong,” he added.

Scott revealed that Vic would be skeptical of his son’s felonious abilities, and most of all, he is worried if Albie can survive as a part of the crime community.

“He doesn’t want his son to fall in the same path as him,” said the Scottish actor.

To prepare for his role, Scott admitted that he did some research about gangsters in the east end of the British capital. He watched documentaries and movies about bank robberies and made personal contact with former criminals.

“The Rezort” star stated that he spoke with ex-convicts who were charged with robberies to know about their life experiences.