'Sleepy Hollow' season 4 news: Tom Mison talks about Nicole Beharie's exit from the show


“Sleepy Hollow” is headed for its fourth season but things will definitely go a different route now that Ichabod (Tom Mison) is left without a witness.

The supernatural show from FOX has decided to pull the biggest shocker of the series when Abbie (Nicole Beharie) sacrificed her life in order to stop the Hidden One. Fans of “Sleepy Hollow” has since then become divided over the matter with some noting that the show is nothing without the dynamic between Ichabod and Abbie.

Mison opens up about the matter and admits that it was a huge leap of faith for “Sleepy Hollow” writers to take Abbie down that path.

“It wasn’t an easy decision for them [the writers] to make. I know that. The writers, they like writing Abbie Mills. And I like acting with Nicole,” he explained in his sit down with The Realistic Optimist.

Though Ichabod is now without a witness, he still has a multitude of mysteries that he has to muddle through on his own. Mison explains that for him, the impact of Nicole leaving the show goes beyond the narrative of “Sleepy Hollow.”

“When you have a woman of colour in the lead role, it’s not just a woman of colour in the lead role. It immediately means so much more than that across the whole of America,” the 33-year-old actor said, before adding, “It comes to symbolise so much more. So when something like this happens, when they kill off said character, of course it’s going to mean an awful lot more, consequently.”

It remains to be seen how “Sleepy Hollow” will fill up the void that Beharie’s exit left but fans are already being skeptical about it. Some of them are even questioning FOX’s decision to renew the show, when it will clearly divert from its original story spine.

No official return date yet for “Sleepy Hollow” season 4 but fans can expect it to come back sometime later this year, with production scheduled to start this July.