'Sleepy Hollow' season 4 spoilers, cast news: FOX casting Crane's new companion Anna


The renewal of “Sleepy Hollow” for a fourth outing was met with a lot of dismayed reactions given the death of Nicole Beharie’s Abbie Mills by the end of last season. Despite this, FOX is moving forward with the show and will be casting a new female partner for Tom Mison’s Ichabod Crane.

A report from TV Line shares that the supernatural show is following the thread of Abbie, who was skeptical with regard to the existence of the paranormal, in terms of their casting choices. Named Anna, the upcoming role will be a former military officer, as well as a single mother to 11-year-old daughter Stella.

“She’s got a tough, take-charge personality, punctuated by a wry sense of humor,” the description reads. “She’s a born leader, but she also has a softer, more caring side which she rarely shows.”

Anna’s skepticism, as well as her eagerness, will have her butting heads with Crane. However, given that she is a balance of toughness from her service and gentleness from her maternal instinct, it is definitely possible that they can find a way to meet each other in the middle.

Thus far, no one has been tied to the new role as “Sleepy Hollow” is said to still be in the hunt for the perfect actress to embody the character.

Aside from the role rundown, it is also pivotal that whoever nabs the gig has palpable chemistry with Mison given how they will closely work with each other throughout their stint in the show. The success of “Sleepy Hollow” was mainly chalked up to the undeniable rapport between Mison and Beharie.

It can be remembered that during the aftermath of “Sleepy Hollow’s” decision to axe Abbie in the final moments of season 3, the series dealt with so much backlash from its fan base. For a time, there were even theories that the show would no longer be renewed for a fourth season. After a couple of weeks, FOX eventually ordered another serving of the show despite clamor from fans to just leave it the way it ended on its third-year run.

“Sleepy Hollow” is scheduled to be back in the airwaves sometime early next year.