Sleepy Hollow season 3: Exec producer teases new mythical villains; Teaser photo shows Abbie with Bones for the special crossover episode


Many interesting things are yet to be seen for the third season of Fox’s hit series “Sleepy Hollow” including the debut of a new villain, the return of a past enemy and a crossover with another fan-favorite TV show.

When it returned last October 1, the season opener treated fans with exciting adventures as the dynamic duo, Ichabod and Abbie are reunited. As the narrative progresses, spoilers have it that viewers may expect a traitor unmasking themselves, and the comeback of a familiar antagonist to be confronted by Ichabod while Abbie may get in crosshairs with the FBI.

Reports claim that Pandora and the presumed wrath contained in her mythical box will be one of the biggest problems for the new season. She may be joined by Bloody Mary from the horror legend and by Krampus, described to be a Christmas demon that takes the form of a humanoid goat that eats people. Dracula will also appear and he will turn people into vampires.

Moreover, the Norse goddess of Hell and Headless Horseman will still take part despite Katrina’s defeat in the previous installment.

During New York Comic Con, executive producer and writer Raven Metzner told The Blastr that the different format the current season follows comes from, “We look at the mythology of the show and we thought ‘Wow… this rich mythology we were drawing from,’ we sort of realized we were doing that for two seasons. The show is a place that we can re-invent.”

The report also teased that Raven will reveal that his parents’ superstitions dictate the weakness of the wraith, Abbie and Crane will come face-to-face with a genie and the possibility of the two exploring a romantic relationship.

Meanwhile, a teaser photo released to TV Line shows Abbie and Booth from “Bones” talking to each other to hype viewers’ anticipation of the crossover slated to hit the small screen on October 29. The two-hour special episode will see the two together with their onscreen partners Ichabod and Brennan respectively, investigating human remains that lead to the return of Crane’s enemy.

Sleepy Hollow airs every Thursday at 9pm EST.