'Skyrim Special Edition' gets new beta patch for PC


Fans were eager to get their hands on “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition” when it launched over a week ago but soon after gamers started playing on their consoles, they discovered that there were quite a few bugs that affected the overall gameplay of the title.

Bethesda Game Studios was quick to respond following the release of patch 1.1 for PC and 1.03 for consoles which had frequent game crashes for both modded and non-modded versions. When loading a save file, “Skyrim Special Edition” will just suddenly freeze and no longer allow the game to continue. On top of that, some fans were complaining that the aforementioned patches, which ironically were supposed to fix previous problems with non-player characters (NPCs) showing at odd places, actually made the game a lot more bug-ridden.

With backlash pouring into Steam and various social media platforms, Bethesda was once again quick on their feet releasing update 1.2, a beta patch exclusively for PC. No new features are heading to Microsoft Windows gamers with this one; instead, it is geared toward fixing performance-related bugs as well as resolving those random and frequent crashes in “Skyrim Special Edition.”

The caveat, unfortunately, with patch 1.2 is that it does not seem to directly address issues that have been raised from patch 1.1. The game developer said that at this point they are still reviewing what might be the cause of those problems and it is still unknown when they will be launching a fix for those glitches.

For those PC users who want to dive into the latest patch, it can be accessed via the Properties menu on Steam. Select the Beta drop-down menu. Once chosen, the update will be automatically downloaded and installed in the game.

As for the console users, there is no word yet on when their version of the patch will come out. It is important to note that there was also a gap in the release of patch 1.1. Console users received it a week later, and it might be the same case here.