Skype news: Sir Paul McCartney helps create new set of Love Mojis


Skype has recently unveiled 10 new emoticons or Mojis (as per Skype’s jargon) that are love-inspired. The animated Mojis also include sound and music, which were created by none other than music icon Sir Paul McCartney.

McCartney created original musical pieces, which were later added to the new Mojis developed by the social media company. This is to help its users express love and affection for family and friends around the world, especially for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Skype officially announced the news through their blog. It reads:

“We are thrilled to announce a partnership with the legendary Sir Paul McCartney to bring you a new, exclusive set of love-inspired Mojis. We’ve coupled original Skype designs with unique musical compositions from Paul so you can always express your love to friends and family around the world, no matter what you’re trying to say.”

The recording of the musical pieces were all done in McCartney’s studio. A short behind-the-scene video was also presented by Skype where people can see the English singer-songwriter playing and recording several musical instruments: acoustic and electric guitars, drums, xylophone, and piano. The sounds were mixed and matched with the addition of his own voice, which created the final musical pieces. 

As shown in the video, there are various amusing characters, among which are Cupid who looks like a sumo wrestler, two snakes that are showing affection for each other, and a dancing turtle. 

Skype and other messaging applications have been adding Mojis, emoticons, emojis, and other animated icons to entertain their users. These Mojis also provide creative communication between users and help them express their feelings without using words. Skype has already launched several Mojis with different themes, from holiday-inspired to Indian related.

“Mojis are completely unique to Skype and feature sound as well as video, giving your chats a whole new personality,” Skype also said. “Paul genuinely loves Skype and, inspired by our existing Mojis, was excited to lend his voice to the Mojis family. Likewise, we were over the moon to work with Paul, and it was a great creative challenge for us to create the animations to compliment his legendary sound.”

Skype users will find these new Mojis once they have the latest version of the messenger. It will also be available on all platforms, namely Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS