'Sister Wives' season 8 update, rumors: Meri leaves Kody for another man?


“Sister Wives” is one of the very few reality television shows out there that constantly keeps on handing out controversies and intrigue to its viewers; one reason why it’s probably going to continue airing regardless of pressing issues like possible law violations and conflict between the cast and TLC, the network that airs it.

The latest issue to haunt the polygamist family of Kody Brown involves one of his wives, Meri, who according to reports, has now found a new beau after the failure of her relationship with Kody. Rumors have it that Meri will be marrying another man and will live in Hawaii for good.

According to Enstarz, Meri’s marriage to Kody reached the tipping point the moment the latter found another wife in the much younger Robyn. Of course, Robyn is still with Kody and Meri felt like she no longer had a place in the literally extended family.

With this development, iTechPost reports that the upcoming season 8 of “Sister Wives” may move on with only three remaining wives in the person of Robyn, Christine, and Janelle, unless of course Meri is offered the chance to also showcase her new life. This prospect is possible considering how open Meri and the other wives have been all throughout the run of this controversial reality TV series.

Meri and her new love reportedly met in Hawaii while both were vacationing separately. The reason for her finding someone new, according to rumors, is because she no longer found herself happy and in fact was quite tired with the polygamous marriage setup with Kody.

However, it is important to note that so far, no confirmation has been made by TLC, Kody, or Meri about the upcoming marriage and Meri’s departure from the show.

Viewers will learn more about the major changes on “Sister Wives” once the new season is officially renewed and aired sometime next year.