'Sister Wives' season 8 rumors, update: Meri Brown has a new love?


While the eighth season of TLC’s reality television series, “Sister Wives” is hanging by a thread right now amid different kinds of issues and controversies, it certainly seems like there’s no letup for Kody Brown and his polygamist family when it comes to fueling more intrigue. This time, rumors are spreading like wildfire and there is only one thing that’s coming out from everyone’s mouth that one of Brown’s wives, Meri, has a new beau.

Yes, Meri is still spiritually bound to honor her marriage to husband Kody, but they’re actually already divorced in the legal sense. According to Hollywood Life, she’s actually moving on fast to a point that she no longer wants to become part of anything about Kody and the family right now.

But this doesn’t really come as a big blow for Kody, as everyone knows he’s just happy to move with instances like this and according to another report, he’s rumored to be already courting another woman whom he wants to become his wife, too, although the other wives aren’t happy about it either.

It’s been long speculated right after the end of season 6 that TLC will no longer have “Sister Wives” after the end of the current season (season 7), and there has been an abundance of reasons for the potential cancellation, one of which is the notion that the network and Kody are no longer in rhythm and agreement in showcasing the aspects of the lives of the family. But it looks like the network is the only one that doesn’t want a new season because Kody’s wives are seriously looking to find other networks that might be interested in airing “Sister Wives.”

Will there be a “Sister Wives” season 8? Fans will find out sooner or later.