'Sister Wives' season 8 rumors: reality series cancelled?


TLC’s reality series “Sister Wives” is certainly controversial, but will season 8 be too controversial even for the network?

Reports suggest that TLC is planning to pull the plug on “Sister Wives” if Kody Brown goes through with his plan to add two more wives. Brown already has four wives, Meri, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn.

According to Kendra Pollard, a good friend of Robyn, Brown reportedly said that he “doesn’t want to keep dealing with his current wives.” Brown also mentioned that his wives haven’t been supportive of him, so he planned the “ultimate revenge,” which to him meant adding two more wives to the show.

Rumors say that this decision did not satisfy TLC, and the network has an issue with it because it can affect the direction of the show. TLC also believes that it may come under fire from the majority of the viewers who may find it hard to tolerate Brown’s decision.

The two women Brown wants to marry are rumored to be Mindy Jessop, Robyn’s step-niece, and Amanda, a family friend. If “Sister Wives” gets renewed, viewers can expect some tension between Brown and his other wives if he goes through with his desire to marry the two.

“Sister Wives” features Brown and his four wives, as well as their 18 children. While a man cannot legally be married to more than one woman, Brown continues to live with these four women since there is no law stopping them from living with him in their own free will. The only legal marriage he had was to his first wife Meri, until their divorce in 2014. A few months afterward, he married Robyn in order to legally adopt her three children.

As of this moment, there is no official news regarding the future of “Sister Wives.”